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Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Interesting posting I found on the web:

passed the turing test

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Re: halakhically
Thought of a few more:

reformadox -- someone whose ideology and home minyan is likely reform but who's very observant

conservadox -- same as above but with the conservative movement

conservaform -- I think this usually means someone who's home minyan is conservative but whose practice and ideology is much more reform.

conservadox and reformadox don't really make a whole lot of sense since their -doxy is conservative or liberal. might be better conservaprax and reformaprax. It's a bit silly we need the word conservadox since by definition all conservative jews who are engaged in their judaism are fairly observant. With some minor differences, R. Isaac Klein's code is pretty close to something Orthodox (granted he was older-school and a little right-wing.)

I think conservaforms are finding it's easier to find a home in a Reform shul now that it doesn't feel like going to a white anglo-saxon protestant church.