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Friday, November 25, 2011


I don't know if this will be of interest to anyone. However, I left Critical Realism almost a decade ago (for nominalism and social constructionism) and returned to Critical Realism a couple of months ago.

Different factors were involved in my decision to leave. Now, however, I strongly regret having done so. Although I have never physically met Roy Bhaskar, I feel a deep spiritual kinship with him.

The interesting part, to me anyway, is that I left Critical Realism before  Roy Bhaskar began publishing his reflections on meta-Reality (non-dualism). When I returned to Critical Realism, I had, independently, developed it into an approach to unity:


The basic idea is that the essence or unity of humanity (similar to Bhaskar's “the Real”) is not directly knowable. We approach or observe that essence through its attributes (perhaps somewhat similar to &dquo;the Actual”). Emancipation from oppression is an attribute of the unity or essence of humanity.

Hopefully, some others will resonate with my experience.