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Saturday, July 6, 2013


Without Judgment

It should be pointed out that Wiccans do not believe in a devil. Most Wiccans accept at least two deities - the Goddess Diana and the Green Man. Some use other names. Others view these deities as parts of nature (or of ourselves). No Wiccan trads, that I am aware of, have a concept of Satan. The human tendency, I suppose, is to project our own beliefs on others that we meet. For instance, because I support interfaith activities, I have been called an ecumenist. However, ecumenism is a Christian movement, and I am not a Christian. Because my parents are Jewish, I have run into some Orthodox Jews who have said I need to "return" to Orthodox Judaism. Well, only about 3% of Jews are Orthodox. Most are secular and do not even belong to a temple. (My own family, growing up, was like that.) So, what would I be returning to? If we want to understand the beliefs of others, we need to listen to their voices without judgment.