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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


In my opinion, what happened to David Wilcock is the almost inevitable result of buying into a massive global conspiracy. Over time, people become more and more gullible. Eventually, they will believe almost everything. Wilcock is not the first to be "had," and he won't be the last. Wilcock began with a marketing strategy. Like many people in the new age field, he needed to create a niche for himself. Over time, he has been increasingly de-emphasizing the Cayce angle. He didn't need it anymore. He still talks about Ra (law of one). However, he pretty much stopped the channeling business, too. Wilcock was simply conned. In that way, he is not unlike some people I knew online who followed Harold Camping - the guy who predicted the rapture for 2011. It is the old story of the conman getting conned. P.T. Barnum was right. Wilcock's supposed source, "Drake," is now claiming that certain people in the military gave him the wrong dates. Sadly, some people are still following this radical libertarian mumbo jumbo.